Recommended resources

Websites & apps for Bible study help

A practical site for comparing Bible translations, looking up Greek/Hebrew words to see where they're used in the Bible, and an extremely practical way to see cross-references, from Treasury of Scriptural Knowledge.

Good footnotes to understand textual criticism and translation choices, plus a nice and simple way to see the text together with its original language.

Tons of good translations, suboptimal search function, multiple audiobibles.

Translations in different languages, including 7 different Norwegian translations.

One of the best Bible study programs out there! Highly recommended for those who teach the Bible.

Also an extremely good (paid) program for Bible studies.

A good offline & free Bible study program, but not as good as the paid ones. However, since one can't always rely on the internet, it is still useful to have this one downloaded.

Similar to e-sword, but also works on Ubuntu.

Hermons -97 and Bibelselskapets -11 translations, respectively

A good site to practice Biblical Greek (site is in Norwegian)

Similarly-minded churches

Bibelkirken Vestfold

Sandefjord Evangeliske Menighet

Kilden Menighet

Berøa Presbyterianske Kirke

Hamar Reformerte Menighet

Podcasts, blogs, etc

Teologikk med kaffe (youtube)

Kenneth Rosenblad's easy-to-listen-to but deep insight into topics he has a good understanding of. Full of dry dad jokes. Videos are in Norwegian.
Especially recommended are "Hvilken Bibel er den eneste riktige" og "Ekteskapssamtale"

Reformerte Lekmenn

Reformerte Lekmenn is a Norwegian Christian podcast that talks about current, controversial, and theological topics that are helpful for God's people. Available on youtubeSpotify and other podcast platforms.


TeologiTavla is a Norwegian non-profit organisation that publishes different media such as videos, podcasts, articles etc. for the building up of the Church. 

Bibelkirken Oslo's Youtube

Our messages and Bible summaries are available here. Many verse-by-verse messages. 

Bibelkirken Oslo's Facebook

Church updates and links to messages

Bibelkirken Oslo's mailing list

We send a weekly email with the events for the week ahead. Contact to be added to the list.