We are a church in Oslo that emphasises preaching & living the Bible

Regular meetings:

  • Sunday: Prayer meeting at 10:15am, and main service at 11:00am. We meet at Normisjon Lillestrøm (Kirkegata 3). Ring the doorbell. There's usually free street parking in the area, or at Rådhuset nearby. 
    Sometimes our meeting locations and times are different, but our facebook group has the latest details: www.facebook.com/Bibelkirken  
    After the meeting, there is a free warm lunch, so stay awhile if you can!
    We livestream the service on our youtube channel, and upload it there afterwards. 

Meetings during the week are held in peoples' homes, and the location can vary from week to week.

  • Monday: Women's Bible study
  • Tuesday: Men's Bible study
  • Thursday: Bible study for both men and women
  • Friday: prayer meeting
  • Marriage group once a month 
  • Meeting about child-rearing on Zoom, every third Wednesday

Sunday meetings are held in Norwegian with live English translation for those that need it. Meetings during the week are held in either Norwegian or English depending on who comes. 

The prayer meeting and all Bible studies (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday) can also be joined via Zoom. For more information contact us at post@bibelkirken.no

You can see the topics we'll be covering in future studies in this Google document.

A few pictures

Contact us

Normisjon Lillestrøm

Kirkegata 3 2004 Lillestrøm, Norway
We meet here normally on Sundays, but the location can also change, so feel free to contact us for updated details