Bibelkirken Oslo


We are a church in Oslo that emphasizes preaching and living the Bible.

Regular meetings:

  • Monday: Marriage group one day a month.
  • Tuesday: Men's fellowship, can be attended via Zoom
  • Thursday: Bible study (per 01.11.22 we are studying 1 Samuel)
  • Friday: Women's Bible study (per 01.11.22 we are studying Matthew)
  • Sunday: Prayer meeting at 10:00 a.m., main service at 11:00 with translation to English. We will be meeting at Normisjon Lillestrøm (Kirkegata 3) for the rest of 2022.

Sunday meetings are held in Norwegian with English translation for those that need it. Meetings during the week are held in Norwegian or English depending on who comes. 

For more information contact us at post@bibelkirken.no